Our clients find great relief in the predictability, reliability, and completeness of our end-to-end accounting services. We believe fundamentally there should be no financial surprises. That’s why we lay out a clear plan for each year ahead: actions to take, installments to pay, strategic considerations to weigh in making decisions, making every step along the way as automatic and effortless as possible. Such precision and foresight translate into simplicity and peace of mind for you when we prepare your returns.

Business advisory

Every business has its own needs and objectives. We work with you to discover and define yours, providing insight, information and strategies on an array of topics including planning, growth management, dividends and other key issues. Drawing on expertise in systems and information technology, we can also propose tools to streamline your financial operations. And when you need additional specialized advice or services—corporate law, for example, or payroll processing—we’re happy to make referrals you can trust.

Tax planning

Corporate income tax. HST. Provincial tax. Personal tax. The tax environment for businesses and the individuals who own them is complex. We have cultivated deep expertise over the years in planning for and managing our clients’ tax obligations, removing uncertainty, bringing clarity, and simplifying the remittance process so you know exactly what to expect and when to act.

Estate planning

Your business and your estate are intertwined concerns. We work with you to help you understand, plan for and minimize the final tax payable on your estate. We also help you gain familiarity with the requirements of estate returns, probate fees and executorship so that you can be confident these crucial matters will be handled professionally and appropriately.