Your business and your estate are intertwined concerns. We work with you to help you understand, plan for and minimize the final tax payable on your estate. We also help you gain familiarity with the requirements of estate returns, probate fees and executorship so that you can be confident these crucial matters will be handled professionally and appropriately.


  • Estimating the tax payable on death
  • Recommending strategies to reduce or defer this tax
  • Work with your lawyer to ensure that your wills take advantage of any tax strategies
  • Determining when a second will is appropriate

You are never too young to plan for your estate. Don’t put off planning just because the thought of death makes you uncomfortable. Don’t assume that everything will take care of itself. Failure to plan will often end up in heartache, expenses and loss of time for your family once you are gone.

How we can help

No two estate planning situations are the same. We understand this and will seek to understand your unique situation and the nature of your relationships. We provide our clients with recommendations and useful tools for research to help make the planning process simple, efficient and free of worries. We are available for our clients throughout the process if there is need for further discussion, changes to be made, or questions to be answered.

We will help you to:

  • Define clear goals for your estate
  • Assemble an estate planning team
  • Recommend options for your estate planning
  • Reduce the taxes incurred at the time of death
  • Reduce the expenses and problems associated with probate
  • Oversee the transfer of assets to your heirs
  • Amend your plans as needed

We also help with:

  • Trusts and living wills
  • Transfer of funds to charities
  • Business relationships
  • Family partnerships
  • Transfers of lifetime family wealth
  • Trust tax problems
  • Preparation of estate returns