Wil Dykstra, CPA – Managing Partner

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Wil Dykstra wears many hats—accountant, counselor, teacher. He is an even-tempered professional who encourages clients to “just pick up the phone and ask”.

From his early schooldays, Wil was always good with numbers. Accounting appealed to him as the financial field that best suited his interests and personality.

Wil worked in a national accounting firm for a stretch before deciding a smaller practice would be more up his alley; it would allow him to own the big picture with his clients, and to maintain end-to-end responsibility for client assignments. He gravitated toward the Timmons team in 2000 and the fit was obvious immediately. Wil received his designation in 2002.

In addition to handling year-end reporting, tax planning and the standard mix of accounting functions, Wil acts as the firm’s lead trainer, educating clients about the features and functionality of QuickBooks and other software tools. He serves as a business and financial advisor as well, fielding questions and helping clients resolve problems when they arise.

The greatest reward of my job is removing the fear factor. Accounting can be overwhelming. I guide clients along, build their confidence, and remove the burden of routine tasks so they can focus on what they do well. Wil Dykstra

Geoff Timmons, CPA – Senior Staff Accountant

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Dedicated to efficiency in all things, Geoff sums up the Timmons Dykstra way of working ultra-concisely: “Listen first, put people first.” The firm’s embrace of remote work technologies, which goes back to 2015, makes it easy for him and his colleagues to do that, keeping in regular touch with clients.

Geoff provides the full range of accounting and tax planning services and also acts as virtual CFO when called for, handling day-to-day functions and organizing clients’ financial systems to support richer strategic decision-making. He’s a staunch advocate for Timmons Dykstra’s big-picture focus and dedication to providing good, trusted advice.

While corporate yearends and personal tax season demand endurance, Geoff is well conditioned to handle the crunch as a runner and sports enthusiast with several half-marathons under his belt.

“We put a big emphasis on communication with clients and internally amongst ourselves so that, as a team, we share knowledge, prioritize effectively, and are as efficient as possible. There’s a real family atmosphere at Timmons Dykstra.” Geoff Timmons

Reda Elasri – Staff Accountant

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Reda Elasri is literally a ‘man of the world’. Born in Morocco, he spent 16 years as a junior accountant at the Dubai airport—snapping up the opportunity to travel whenever he could.

The whirlwind experience of touring Europe, Asia and about a third of the U.S.A. may have been good conditioning for Reda to take on the busy, action-on-all-fronts role at Gary G. Timmons. Fielding client queries, gathering documentation, preparing financial statements, supporting on bookkeeping tasks: in the course of a day he does it all—with calm, enthusiasm and a ‘client-first’ attitude.

It’s a role that demands a keen eye for detail. Reda makes sure that records are up to date; and that the final product is completed with the firm’s trademark precision.

Before joining the team, Reda served as bookkeeper and then finance manager at a client firm. When that business changed hands, Reda joined the firm in 2010. He is bilingual.

I take the ‘double L’ approach to life: love it or leave it. And it’s hard not to love this company. The team is supportive. I learn something new every day. And the commitment to clients is inspiring. We’re here for people when they need us most, without fail. Reda Elasri

Alicia Timmons – Bookkeeper, Admin

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Ali could not decide what career path to take, so she followed her father to work one day and has been there ever since.

Most clients know Ali as she the initial contact person at the start of the year-end process and the final contact once the year end is completed.


Gary G Timmons, CPA – Founder

Small Business Accountant in Ontario, CA

Gary has been a practicing Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) for over 40 years. He founded the accounting firm “Timmons Dykstra CPA” in 1987 where he advises and mentors Ottawa based small business owners.

Gary has volunteer experience as the treasurer of a privately funded charitable organization where he redesigned the financial systems to improve reporting and accountability.

Originally from Montreal, Gary earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree with Honours in Accountancy, Magna Cum Laude, from Concordia University (1979) and a Graduate Diploma in Accountancy from McGill University (1981).