Accounting in Ontario, CA

Our clients find great relief in the predictability, reliability, and completeness of our end-to-end accounting services. We believe fundamentally there should be no financial surprises. That’s why we lay out a clear plan for each year ahead: actions to take, installments to pay, strategic considerations to weigh in making decisions, making every step along the way as automatic and effortless as possible. Such precision and foresight translate into simplicity and peace of mind.

As the owner of a small business, you know how tough it is to run a business and stay on top of your accounting books. That’s where we come in. We all show you how to take care of your books, or we all take care of the books for you so you can get back to running your business to generate even greater profits.

We also offer cloud based accounting services where your accounting records and reports are available anytime from any computer.

Helping small businesses stay on track is what our small business accounting service is all about. We offer customized packages so that businesses can add tasks such as payroll, tax preparation, tax planning among many other services that we offer.


Bank reconciliation

Our accountants will help you reconcile your business accounts each month. This allows us to ensure that all funds have been properly accounted for.


Income statement

Income statements (also known as profit and loss statements) are an itemized list of revenues and expenses. Income statements enable you to:

  • Keep track of your expenses and revenue and therefore judge the performance of your business.
  • Identify areas of your business that are over or under budget.
  • Identify areas of unexpected expenditure.
  • Keep track of dramatic increases in costs or returns.
  • Identify income tax liabilities.


Balance Sheet

Balance sheets give a bird’s eye view of the financial status of your business at any specific moment. Balance sheets can help you:

  • Get a understanding of your business financial strength and capabilities.
  • Identify assets and liabilities.

Balance sheets are used alongside income statements as the basic elements for financial reporting – they may be required by lenders, vendors or investors when determining the amount of credit to be granted to your business.



If you are in need of advice or assistance, we are always available. We will help you to understand and interpret your financial information so that you can make any decisions that you need to. Contact us with your concerns or queries.