Send us your information via:

  1. email:
  2. secure client portal: email or call us to send you a link
  3. mail/courier: 105 – 2442 St. Joseph, Orleans, ON K1C 1G1

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  • Send us all tax slips received.
  • Send us details of any changes to your personal status (marriage, separation, births, new address, telephone number, disability, death)
  • If you sold your principal residence (cottage or home), send us the selling price, date of sale, date of purchase, and the address
  • If your employer requested that you work from home due to COVID-19, send us the # days that you worked from home
  • If you own foreign property (shares or real estate) with a total cost >$100,000 Cdn, send us the details as this must be reported on your return


  • Donations (Canadian charities only)
  • Medical expenses (drugs, dental, glasses, therapy, private health plan premiums, medical travel insurance premiums)
    – summarize by family member
    – identify any amounts reimbursed
    – if there are a significant number of drug receipts, consider getting a summary from the drug store
  • RRSP contributions
  • Spousal or child support paid
  • Political contributions
  • Property tax or rent paid (if family net income < $80,000)
  • Professional fees or union dues (if not on T4)
  • Home renovations for mobility – if over 65 or disabled


  • Child care (day care, camps)
  • T4s for summer jobs
  • College or university tuition (the student must print form T2202A available from the school website)
  • T4A if funds withdrawn from an RESP

If you own investments or property (excluding RRSP & TFSA accounts)

  • Stocks – Capital gains summary report
  • Mutual Funds – Annual statement showing gains/losses (for all funds)
  • Real estate sales – agreement of purchase and sale (for both original purchase and sale)
  • Interest on money borrowed to earn investment income
  • Investment management fees


  • Spousal support received
  • Details of any foreign income (eg. pension / investment)
  • Moving expenses (T1M) if you moved 40 km closer to a new place of work
  • Employment expenses (auto / supplies / home office) – form T2200 must be signed by your employer